Balustrading and Safety Hand Rails

Civico design and manufacture a huge variety of balustrades and safety rails suitable for a range of different residential and commercial applications including balconies and stair cases. All of our balustrades are made from high-quality materials, meet all safety requirements and come with a three-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Visit our gallery page to see some examples of previous balustrading and safety railing projects that we have had the opportunity to work on. In addition to installing new hand rails or balustrades, we are also able to replace existing balustrades that are a little worse for wear – in most cases we are able to replicate an existing style and we can also track down discontinued ColourBond colours to ensure continuity. For more information about any of our balustrading and hand rail services, please give us a call today on (02) 4967 2044.

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Civico’s Range of Balustrades:

We carry a wide range of colour, style and material options to suit different properties. Please note that by law, any balustrading or safety railing that is installed on a balcony over 4 metres off the ground cannot have a climbable design (eg wired, slatted or decorative cut-outs); they must prevent small children from being able to climb them. For these applications, we recommend glass balustrading or vertical bar designs.

Glass Balustrades and Safety Rails:

Our glass balustrades can be made from toughened or laminated glass. Toughened glass is strong and used in applications where an edge is unframed and requires polishing. Should it break however, it will shatter, laminated glass on the other hand, if broken will crack and stay in one piece. We can advise the appropriate glass for the correct application. Both are available in different tints and patterns.

Wire Balustrades and Safety Rails:

Wire balustrades utilise marine grade stainless steel wire and fittings. Whilst we provide an aluminium frame with the stainless steel components there is opportunity to marry other products such as timber with these components. We are more than happy to work in with other trades to achieve the desired outcome.

Slatted Balustrades and Safety Rails:

Slatted balustrades use an aluminium slat (often 65×16) to run horizontally to make up the required 1.0 metre high safety rail. The slats can vary in gaps and can allow for a more private area when required. They can also run vertically which can achieve the look of a painted timber balustrade from a time gone by, without the maintenance of timber.

Decorative Balustrades and Safety Rails:

Decorative balustrades are typically used in older ‘federation’ style homes, and can include cast aluminium lace panels to achieve that old world charm.

Balustrades – SS Wire

Balustrades – Ship Style Pickets

Balustrades – Picket

Balustrades – Lace

Balustrades – Horizontal

Balustrades – Grab Single Rail

Balustrades – Glass (REGATTA)

Balustrades – Glass Frameless

Balustrades – Glass 40 SYS

Balustrades – Decorative

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